Member benefits

You can check your purchase history and favorite items in "My Account".

Registering for a TaylorMade golf account provides you the following member benefits.

(1)Email notification regarding campaign information such as new products, and clearance items. * Please note that you will not be able to receive notifications if you remove the checkmark in the "I would like to receive e-mail news" section on the member registration input form.

How to Create My Account (member registration)

Create an account from the "Create Account" screen. (Please fill in all the required fields.) When you complete your registration (member registration), you will receive a "member registration completion” notification email to the email address you enter during registration.

What is "My Account"

“My Account” is your dedicated account page. (*registration is required.)
To access My Account, you will be required to log in.
Enter your email address and password when logging in.
You can check the following items on the My Account page.

  • Personal data (display and update of registered personal information)
  • Address (Management of delivery address and invoice)
  • Payment method (management of credit card information)
  • Order history (confirmation of your order status/order history)
  • Coupon management (Coupon confirmation/use)
  • Favorites(Edit favorites)
  • Unsubscribe to marketing emails.

Forgot Password

In order to have your password re-issued, fill in your e-mail address and follow the password reissue procedure from “Forgot your password?” On the login screen.


You can unsubscribe from the "Unsubscribe Procedure" screen of your My account.



To place an order, please select loft, flex, color, size, etc. and quantity on the product page and place your item in the cart. You can delete orders or change quantities in the shopping cart. Please confirm that the product you have selected is correct, such as product name, loft, flex, color, size, quantity and price.
Please note that we may decline orders that exceeding the maximum quantity set by us.
Due to a high volume of orders there may be the case where a product becomes unavailable despite it being available at the time of ordering, or there may be a time lag in delivery.

Confirmation of Your Order

Once your order is complete, an order confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address within a few minutes. Please confirm the email.
If you are a member, please log in and check the “Purchase History”page in My Account on the top right of the online shop page.

■ If you do not receive an order confirmation email
Check your registered email address once again.
Please note that various emails from our company may be automatically deleted depending on the settings of your email software or email virus software.

■ If you receive two (or more) order confirmation emails with the same content The order may be duplicated. In that case, please contact the customer service immediately.

Order History

If you are a member, please log in and check from “Purchase History” in My Account. You can see your delivery status and details. Non-members are not able to check purchase history.

Cancel or Change Your Order

You cannot cancel or change your order after your order has been confirmed. Please make sure your order is correct when ordering.

Product Price

The selling price may differ from each directly managed store, depending on the sales and local market trends,
The price of the item in the shopping cart is always the latest.
Therefore, the price may differ from the price when you first place the item in the shopping cart. Prices, when items are placed in the shopping cart, are not always guaranteed. Also, the price may fluctuate from the time you place an item in your cart and when you place the order. Please be aware.

Payment Type

Credit card payment is accepted.

Credit Card

Available credit cards are VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX and Diners.
Payment can only be made in a lump sum.


Credit card payment

TaylorMade Golf members can print a receipt from My Account after shipping.
Click on My Account → Purchase History → Details → Issue Receipt. A PDF file will open. Please print it out.


Return Conditions

In the case of returns due to customer preference, the deadline for applying for returns is within 14 days after delivery. Please contact the TaylorMade Golf customer service center within 14 days after receiving the product, and send the product to our product center. (The return address is on the back of the delivery note) *Please note that we cannot accept returns if the application deadline for returns is passed.
*Please make sure to return the box, accessories, and delivery note altogether.
*We may refuse the return, if the status of the returned product is significantly different from the status at the time of delivery, such as when the product tag is removed.
*Outlet products, custom made clubs, products purchased outside this shop are not eligible for return.

Return Procedure

【Return flow】

1.Contact for return
Please make sure to contact the TaylorMade Golf customer service center within 14 days after receiving the product.
TaylorMade Golf customer service
Toll free number 0120-558-562
Email address

2. Enclosed product and return form
(Return form printed on back of delivery note)

Please enclose the product and the return form printed on the back of the delivery note on cardboard etc., and return it within one week.
※ Please fill in [Goods number] the return goods contact form.
※ In case you have lost your invoice, please print and enclose the email text of the order completion or shipping completion

3. Return to us
※ There is no delivery company specified, please return via the delivery company of your convenience.
※In the case of return due to customer preference, the shipping fee will be paid by the customer (prepayment). If you send it back by postage cash on delivery, the shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount.

4. Confirmation of the returned product. * About 1 day to 1 week As soon as the product arrives at our company, we will check the condition of the product.
Please be aware that if the following conditions are met, the product may be returned.

  • Custom products, outlet products, products purchased outside this site.
  • The product tag is removed.
  • There is no product in the bag or box.
  • The instruction manual or packaging material is not attached.
  • The product sticker is peeled off.
  • 15 days have passed since the product arrived.
  • There is no return form.
  • The novelty given at the time of purchase is not included.
  • The product condition is significantly different from the status at the time of delivery. (including box and accessories)
  • Prior return notification is not confirmed.

5. Refund  1 day up to 2 months
If there is no problem with the product status, we will move forward with the refund procedure.
In the case of return due to customer convenience, the delivery fee, shipping fee and a transfer fee will be paid by the customer.

Size Exchange

If you are a TaylorMade Golf member, you can change the size only once for each product, in case the size of the apparel purchased at the directly managed online store does not fit.
【How to exchange】 If you wish to exchange, please contact us via the following customer service call number or email address within 14 days after delivery.
After contacting us, please return the product together with the prescribed return form.
The customer will be responsible for the delivery fee when returning the product.
We will deliver the replacement 5-7 days after the returned product arrives.

Customer call  0120-558-562
Email  【Notes】
※This service is only for TaylorMade Golf members.
※Limited to unused products.
※The customer will be responsible for the shipping fee when returning the product.
※The size can be changed once per product.
※If the same product is out of stock, it may be returned or exchanged to other colours.
Please note that the following products cannot be exchanged.
※Used products (even once)
※Products without packages or tags
※Products that have been repaired or cleaned
※Products with odours, dirt, or scratches from customers
※Products that have passed more than 9 days after delivery
※Products not eligible for the campaign

Returns and Exchanges of Defective Products

Please contact our customer service, if the product is defective or misdelivered. We will confirm the order number, product name, and details of the defect. After the confirmation, we will guide you along with the return address. Please return the product (cash on delivery).
If we can confirm the defect, we will exchange it for the same product only if it is in stock.
If there is no exchangeable stock, we will provide a refund.

Repair, Warranty

Request for Repair

If you would like your product repaired, please contact our customer service center, inform the operator at the customer service center about the product name, order number, and details of the repair request.


Please refer here for the product warranty rules for the TaylorMade Golf brand.

Custom Club

You can choose a suitable TaylorMade Golf club with custom-made for your swing and play.
Only credit card payment is accepted for purchase of custom-made clubs.
Regular stock and personalized products cannot be added to the cart at the same time.
Once you make a payment from the cart, we cannot accept cancellations.
The estimated shipping date displayed on the screen is an estimate of the shipping date when you make a payment from the cart on that day. Please note that if the cart payment is made on or after the next day, it will be postponed.
In addition, if the cart payment is made the next day or later, there is a possibility that we will cancel the order for our due to a lack of inventory.

Personalized Clubs

You can choose your favorite colour and specs by ordering a personalized club.
Only credit card payment is accepted for purchase of personalized clubs.
Stock items and custom clubs cannot be added to the cart at the same time.
Once you make a payment from the cart, we cannot accept cancellations and changes to the personalized clubs.
Personalized clubs take 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.
Please note that it may take longer time depending on the delivery status.

Call us


To place an order or inquire about an existing order, call us toll free (within the USA) at

Customer Service Hours of Operation: M-F 7am-4pm PST. Closed weekends and most US Holidays.